Roof of concrete modular houses,building concrete houses,Majorca

Roof of concrete modular houses

Roof of concrete modular houses

Cover made with alveolar concrete slabs, with a thickness of 20 cm, supported and dragged on the enclosure walls, with its appropriate connections and bounds

30 cm bibs (above the upper part of the alveolar slab) in the perimeter with the grey metal auction according to the constructive section details.

Insulation using 10 cm y 30 kg/m³ extruded polystyrene.

Formation of outstanding toward PVC sinks measuring 90 *90 mm. With cement mortar.

Waterproofing: a first 4 kg/m² film of Plastoner Bitumen with a fiberglass armature and a second 4 kg/m2 film Elastomer Bitumen with an armature made of polyester fibre and a red, green or anthracite grey self-protected surface.

Formation of ventilation duct on a wall or a cover for kitchens, a ventilation duct for controled mechanical ventilation (with a maximum height of one meter for each fireplace).

Other outstandings and options are viable.

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