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Home Modular Haus, building concrete houses

Concrete houses in Majorca Island

In Modular Haus we build modular concrete houses, although in addition we build houses with the traditional construction system, always adapting to your personality and needs.

We give you the opportunity to create any type of project and shape, without any determined prototype or shape. Thus every project is unique and original. All of them in different typologies such as detached houses, terraced and town houses.

The houses are built with a system of prefabricated reinforced concrete panels that are built in manufactures and are erected. The panels offer various finished goods and textures meeting the client’s requirements.

Modular Haus houses are characterised by their minimalist functional and sustainable design, with quality finished products and better services than a conventional house’s ones.

We have a study in manufacture that is composed of a technical team with a wide experience in the modular construction industry, the projects are designed and studied by a team of architects, technicians and engineers so that the houses improve all the legal requirements of a conventional house such as; robustness, thermal insulation (energy efficiency) and acoustics.

We are also taking care of the constructive process so that the client won’t worry about anything and the houses will be built safely and properly: building permit, documentation regarding the providing companies of water and light etc.

Everything you need that allows you to leave the document tasks up to us from the beginning and let the work meet the legal regulations. Modular Haus has all the qualities to double the common characteristics of the conventional constructions.

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