Extra options of concrete modular houses,Majorca

Extra options of concrete modular houses

Extra options of concrete modular houses

  • Covered outdoor porch annexed
  • Garage and / or storage attached to housing or independent
  • Concrete enclosures, with or without built-in stone, with or without metal finishing
  • Swimming pool of different finished measures, with water purifier included and perimeter sidewalk
  • Septic tank with biological filter
  • Pavement for walkway or vehicle access by means of polished or printed concrete
  • Suspended floor and bearing walls with a 35 cm edge
  • Possibility of double height
  • Installation of prefabricated chimneys
  • Biomass stove / boiler
  • Heating of the house by water radiators, thermofluid type electric radiators, underfloor heating (cooling system option) by air conducts, geothermal energy, etc…
  • Gas boiler
  • Installation of solar pannels for sanitary hot water
  • In-house music
  • Showers carried-out in-situ
  • Built-in dressing room and wardrobes
  • Installation of kitchen furnishing


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