External carpentry of concrete modular houses,Majorca

External carpentry of concrete modular houses

External carpentry of concrete modular houses

Outside woodwork:  PVC or Aluminium RPT

At Modular Haus we opt for PVC brand, not only for its quality, but also for its certification Passivhaus which certifies its energy savings and very high levels of insulation.

PVC profiles with triple joint (by rigid joint in the frame). This protects all the closing points and provides a complete perimeter joint, with thicknesses of 3 mm.

  • Reinforcement steel: with antioxidant treatment in all profiles.
  • 80 mm sheet section: this depth allows the placement of 6 isolation chambers, integrating into a 70 mm frame with 5 chambers.
  • Total folding system: differs from other window systems, getting an aesthetics in colour finishing, with high strength and greater durability over time.

High quality glass with different possibilities and treatments, looking for the best performance taking into account the needs of its location.


  • Thermal glass: our windows allow the incorporation of a triple glass with double chamber that incorporates a treatment of solar control and low emissivity
  • Acoustic glass: get the best acoustic insulation with the windows of your house thanks to this glass, that you can combine with the thermal treatments
  • Safety glass: you can incorporate safety glass that will help you saving energy and protecting your home against vandalism and impacts, without effect upon thermal and acoustic insulation
  • Armored entrance door in the color of the carpentry with triple security lock
  • Optionally you can install Majorcan style security window bars (consult prices)
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