About us - In Modular Haus we build concrete houses,Majorca

About us

In Modular Haus we build concrete houses

Modular Haus is a company located in Alcudia which is dedicated to the construction of concrete houses, either modular system or in situ, all of them elaborated with the most innovative and durable materials.

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Our work methodology consists in studying the project as a whole package, in which are taken into account the developed technical side, a study of the execution methodology and a work schedule with an optimization criterion of yields and times.

All budgets which Modular Haus studies are always at a fixed price, that is, from the beginning the unit prices of every item are established and if for some reason there is a modification in the budgeted work we prepare a contract annex that justifies this new ítem which once approved by the project management and by the property has to be executed.

Therefore when this happens depending on its entity the deadlines will have to be reviewed by adjusting, if needed, the Schedule in order to get everything established in good time.

Usually we offer at a fixed price all housing models taking as a refrence point the prices of the quality of the materials exposed in this catalogue. The final price offered of each model includes the project, the technical direction, housing construction and a foundation.

Obviously all kinds of proceedings or refurbishments of the plot on which the house will be constructed are not included in the indicated base price.

Always any Modular Haus project indicates minimum requirements which are then exposed to make the housing implementation work suitable and possible, since they have the same consideration in legal terms as a conventional house.

That is, they are considered immovable property and have to comply with all their regulations.

Mínimum requirements

During the execution, the plot should be perfectly delimited making all its boundaries recognizable. The topographical studies or reparcelization projects are not included in the base price of the houses.

The plot must have the minimum services of water, electricity and sanitation to get the work executed, besides the other requirements demanded by the law at the policy level.

On the plot of land there must be all of the supplies that have to be implemented in the houses (water, electricity, sanitation and telecommunications). The discharges of the light and water services have to be applied before the beginning of the works the cost of which will be borne by the property.

Other services

The services needed for the execution of the work y/u obtention of occupancy certificate that are not in the plot are not included in the base price.

The base price excludes any type of urbanization proceedings of the plot due to particular conditions that every plot presents. Thus are not included the prices of the plot’s fences, access doors, access pavements from the public road inside the house, channeling of the contracted services from their connection to the main network to the interior of the house, the plot´s light, gardening, etc.

The discharges of the contracted services such as the municipal fee of the building permit wil be fulfilled by the property.

Finally the advertised prices are provided for any location in Majorca. Outside this zone, they will be changed by transport issues and movements.

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